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Portable Restroom Rentals: Tips, Ideas, and How-To’s

Portable restrooms or porta potties are convenient and practical solutions for outdoor events, construction sites, and other activities where permanent restrooms are not available. Whether you are planning a wedding, a concert, or a road construction project, portable restroom rentals can provide you with the sanitation facilities you need. In this post, we will share with you some tips, ideas, and how-to’s when it comes to renting portable restrooms.

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Portable restrooms are available for rent from various companies, including This site offers a wide range of portable restroom options, including solar-powered restrooms that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Restroom Trailer Rental | Lafayette LA | Lake Charles LA

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Restroom trailers are another option for portable outdoor restrooms. These trailers can provide a more comfortable and upscale experience for your guests or workers. offers restroom trailer rentals in Lafayette and Lake Charles, LA.

Rent Portable Toilets from Texas Outhouse For Your 2020 Events | Texas

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Texas Outhouse is another company that offers portable restroom rentals, specifically for events in Texas. They provide various options, including luxury portable restrooms, ADA-compliant restrooms, and handwashing stations.


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For those with special needs or disabilities, Rent A Bathroom provides portable toilet options that are accessible and safe. These restrooms are designed to be wheelchair-friendly and feature handrails for stability.

Pin by hender alvarez on Shipping Container Homes pjt | Portable

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Shipping containers can also be transformed into portable restroom facilities. This creative and eco-friendly option can provide a unique aesthetic to any event or construction site.

Rent Standard Portable Toilets for Constuction | A Royal Flush

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A Royal Flush is a company that offers portable restroom rentals specifically for construction sites. Their standard portable toilets are durable and practical, providing workers with the necessary sanitation facilities they need.

Products – Vermilion Rental

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Vermilion Rental offers portable restrooms for a variety of events or activities. They provide standard porta potty options, as well as luxury or VIP restroom trailers.

Portable Restrooms Beaumont TX, Port-o-let Rentals | Event Solutions

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Event Solutions offers portable restroom rentals in Beaumont, TX, including options for weddings and other special events. Their port-o-lets are available in various sizes, providing flexibility and convenience for any occasion.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilet Rentals | Naples, Ft Myers, FL

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For those in the Naples or Ft Myers, FL areas, Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilet Rentals provides accessible and safe portable restrooms for those with special needs or disabilities.

Tips for Renting Portable Restrooms:

1. Plan ahead – Determine the number of guests or workers who will be using the restrooms and rent accordingly.
2. Choose the right type – Consider the type of event or activity you are hosting and choose the appropriate type of portable restroom. For example, wedding venues may require more upscale options, while construction sites may require more practical and durable options.
3. Consider accessibility – ADA-compliant restrooms may be necessary if you have guests or workers with special needs or disabilities.
4. Placement – Plan where you will place the portable restrooms to ensure optimal accessibility and convenience for your guests or workers.
5. Maintenance – Make sure the rental company you choose provides regular maintenance and cleaning services for the portable restrooms.

Ideas for Customizing Portable Restrooms:

1. Decorate the exterior – The exterior of the portable restrooms can be decorated to match the theme or aesthetic of the event. For example, balloons or flowers can be added for weddings or parties.
2. Provide amenities – Provide additional amenities such as hand sanitizer or mirrors to improve the overall experience for guests or workers.
3. Add music – Portable speakers can be placed inside the restrooms to provide background music or create a more relaxing vibe.
4. Create signage – Signs can be placed outside of the restrooms to provide directions or add humor to the overall experience.

How to Rent Portable Restrooms:

1. Determine your needs – Determine the number of restrooms and the type of portable restroom you need based on the event or activity. Consider whether you need standard or luxury options, accessible options, or handwashing stations.
2. Research rental companies – Research different rental companies and compare pricing and services. Look for reviews and ratings from previous customers.
3. Get a quote – Request a quote from the rental company with all the necessary details, such as the number of restrooms and the duration of the rental.
4. Sign a contract – Once you have selected a rental company, sign a contract that outlines all the necessary details, including rental period, payment terms, and maintenance services.
5. Confirm delivery and setup – Confirm the delivery and setup of the portable restrooms with the rental company to ensure a hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, renting portable restrooms can provide a convenient solution for outdoor events, construction sites, and other situations where permanent restrooms are not available. By following the tips, ideas, and how-to’s outlined in this post, you can ensure that your rental experience is seamless and enjoyable for all.

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